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BDL Supply Location:
Atlanta, Georgia

Our Atlanta facility employs approximately 75 people and brings innovative solutions to our southern market.

Family owned and operated, BDL Supply is dedicated to quality, innovation and service, offering national solutions across the United States through our asset-based operations and partners.

Our expansion to Atlanta, Georgia, was born from the integration of Woodford Logistics into the BDL Supply brand. From our Atlanta facility, we service companies in a variety of industries, including the manufacturing, distribution and retail sectors. The pallet services, recycling and logistics veterans at this facility bring decades of expertise to the southern region of our customer base.

Our Atlanta facility provides customers across the region with a range of pallet solutions, from reconditioned and specialty sizes, to new pallets manufactured to exact specification, pallet inventory and management.

Since 1968, BDL Supply has provided innovative packaging solutions to numerous customers in many different industries, including automotive, grocery, distribution and manufacturing. In that time, our company has focused on making a name for itself by providing excellent customer service and specialty solutions. BDL’s large fleet of more than 50-plus tractors and 1,000-plus trailers ensures both timely service and customizable transportation solutions, while our facilities in Ohio, Pennsylvania, Kentucky, Indiana, and now Georgia, are strategically located to provide products and service throughout the United States.

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2300 Jonesboro Road SE
Atlanta, GA 30315

Hours of Operation:

8 a.m. to 4 p.m.

Phone Number:

Local: 404-622-7025

Toll-Free: 800-782-7517