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We Buy Wood Pallets

Wood Pallet Removal & Purchase Programs

Since 1968, BDL Supply has been the Midwest leader in the purchase and removal of wood pallets. Pallet removal is ideal for companies that have an excess amount of pallets in their possession or that have recently began using a new or custom-sized pallet for shipping and processing. For each company interested in pallet removal, BDL Supply develops and manages comprehensive pallet programs for the removal of pallets and other recyclables, including materials like corrugate and plastic shrink wrap.

We provide competitive compensation for companies interested in having 48x40 GMA pallets removed. In addition to removing 48x40 GMA pallets, we will remove scrap and odd-sized wood pallets to be recycled and reconditioned into new, custom-sized pallets. BDL Supply is a premier partner for any company interested in pallet removal services.    

If your company is interested in BDL Supply' pallet removal services and would like additional information, please call one of our experienced specialists today at 800-782-7517.

Crates & Boxes

We design and manufacture wooden crates, boxes and specialty wood products. Each crate or box we produce is designed with your product and your specific application in mind.

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Packaging Services

BDL Supply provides packaging services in a wide range of product and order size.

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