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National Solutions: PALNET

A Coast to Coast Network of Pallet Suppliers

For companies with multiple locations across the country, BDL Supply can offer you a national solution for your pallet and logistics needs through the PALNET Pallet Network. PALNET, like BDL Supply, is dedicated to saving you time, increasing your efficiency and helping you to transport your product safely through all steps of the shipping process.

PALNET is a group of best-in-class, regional pallet companies that have come together to provide national solutions to customers with multiple locations across the country. Pallet and logistics specialists who have more than 200 combined years of asset management experience lead this national pallet company. Through PALNET, customers can take advantage of the same range of pallet and packaging products throughout the United States, not just in Ohio and the Midwest. As an equity owner, BDL Supply is committed to PALNET’s mission of being the vendor of choice for companies with multiple locations seeking regional or national solutions.  

PALNET can be a great solution for your company. Contact us today at 800-782-7517 to learn more about the PALNET network, BDL Supply and how we can help you.