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Recycling Solutions

Wood, Plastic, Electronics, Corrugate & More

BDL Supply is committed to partnering with our customers to advance sustainability and environmental awareness. As environmental sustainability becomes more of a growing concern and need for companies, BDL Supply is positioned to provide expert services for recycling materials. From recycling millions of pallets each year to the manufacturing of wood pellets through our brand, Easy Heat, BDL Supply can offer the perfect recycling program to fit your needs.  

Some of our solutions include:

Easy Heat

BDL Supply recycles all of its non-usable lumber and off-fall through its sister company, Easy Heat. Easy Heat is a biomass energy company, producing premium grade wood fuel pellets that provide an environmentally conscious way to effectively create heat and energy for residential, commercial and industrial applications. Easy Heat locations can be found in South Charleston, OH, Indianapolis, IN, and Bensalem, PA. Easy Heat is dedicated to utilizing innovative technologies and processes to deliver sustainable, affordable fuel sources to consumers that optimize efficiency while reducing waste and pollution. Easy Heat is an active member of the Pellet Fuel Institute. For more information, please visit our website at


BDL Supply is committed to helping each of our customers operate a sustainable supply chain. We recycle everything from wood pallets to recyclables such as corrugated cardboard, plastic shrink-wrap and other materials. We offer the convenience of loading all recyclables onto one trailer to free up dock space, eliminate unnecessary loads and reduce carbon emissions. Let us help you recycle and, in turn, provide cost savings and a commitment to environmental sustainability. Please contact us to arrange a free consultation to analyze your needs and look for opportunities.    

Consolidated Collection

Whether you are seeking to create operational efficiencies, save money or reach sustainability goals, our Consolidated Collection program may be a great fit for your company. This program allows companies to load pallets, corrugated cardboard, shrink-wrap and other materials on one trailer and provide summarized statements to each individual customer per their needs. Consolidated Collection will allow for one trailer, a single payment and summary and one vendor.   


BDL Supply provides recycling and remarketing of all types of computers and electronic equipment through our partner, Southeastern Data. Using our large fleet of tractors and trailers, we are able to provide pick-up services to practically anywhere in Ohio and the surrounding states. We are committed to recycling safely, securely and responsibly.   

Contact us or call 800-782-7517 for more information on our industrial recycling services.