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Automotive Parts Packaging

We’ll Work with You to Develop the Right Packaging to Protect Your Parts

Manufacturers of aftermarket automotive parts manufacturers often face challenges when shipping parts. BDL Supply has extensive experience in designing aftermarket automotive parts packaging to ensure that parts are protected during the shipping process and arrive in the same condition as when they left your facility. 

Aftermarket automotive parts can be anything from windshields to bumpers and each product requires a unique packaging design to prevent damage during transport. Our packaging specialists work closely with each customer to design an automotive parts packaging solution that works for their business and product.

Depending on the application and final destination, we can use a variety of materials and manufacturing techniques to create the best auto parts packaging solution for you.  Some of these solutions/combinations include:

  • Corrugated die cuts with die cut foam
  • Sewn corrugated glass packs
  • Wooden windshield packs
  • CNC cut foam parts attached to wooden supports with hot melt adhesive
  • Sewn bumper packs
  • Heat-sealed bubble pouches
  • Sewn, non-woven spunbond pouches with or without elastic
  • Plastic corrugated partitions lined with foam and/or spunbond
  • Elastic headrest covers
  • CNC wood engine and transmission cradles

For more information about how BDL Supply uses a variety of materials and techniques to create custom automotive parts packaging solutions that meet your company’s needs, give us a call at 800-782-7517 to request a free quote today.

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