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BDL Supply Wood Pallets

A Pallet Company Offering Cost Effective Solutions

A core component of packaging and shipping, BDL Supply offers a variety of wood pallets, allowing customers to choose the one that works best for them. While each pallet has unique quality advantages, it is critical that companies utilize the correct pallet for their specific packaging and shipping application. Our trained, experienced consultants will work with you and your company to determine your pallet requirements. Being that we are design oriented, we work hard to get the specifics done correctly. Based on your requirements and individual needs, our consultants will provide you will a perfect wood pallet match for your company.

For more information about the various types of wood pallets BDL Supply supplies to its customers, read more about each one. This includes New Pallets, Recycled Pallets and Custom Pallets. If you have additional questions about the different types of shipping pallets and their unique materials, contact us or call our customer service representatives today at 800-782-7517.  

We Adapt For Your Needs

Read through BDL Supply' custom solutions section to find out how we have adapted to the specific, unique needs of our customers.


We Meet Your Shipping Needs

BDL Supply provides assistance in all of our customers' packaging needs---we want to be your one stop service center.