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Certified Heat Treating

Pallets, Boxes & Crates for
Overseas Shipping 

ISPM-15 is a resolution that seeks to protect the environment by imposing protective measures on all wood-based packaging materials used in international shipping. This resolution is especially important for companies utilizing wooden pallets, crates or boxes to transport their products, as wood packaging materials are often a pathway for the introduction and spread of pests.

BDL Supply is an ISPM-15 certified manufacturer, providing customers who ship products domestically and internationally with new and used wood pallets, boxes and crates that have received our heat treating services. At BDL Supply, we have two four chamber kilns on-site, allowing us to provide heat treated wood pallets, boxes and crates with timely delivery to our customers so that they can export their product in a compliant fashion.   

We are inspected and certified by a third party company to ensure that your heat treated wood pallets meet the ISPM-15 regulations. Contact us for more information on our ISPM-15 Compliant Certified Services.

Cut Stock Lumber

BDL Supply is a large producer of cut stock lumber and dunnage to provide customers with additional ways to enhance their packaging solutions.

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Recycling at BDL Supply

Read more about how BDL Supply reuses all the elements of a pallet and crate and how you can help us work together to better the environment.

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