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Wood Pallets in Columbus, OH

Pallets for Columbus – Ready to Ship around the World

When you purchase pallets for your business, you’re making an important decision to protect your investment. Product loss and damage during transport and storage can take a toll on your bottom line – but only if you don’t have a logistic partner with your interests at heart.

BDL Supply, Inc. provides much more than pallets to businesses in greater Columbus and across the tristate area. We specialize in providing exact pallet design that makes the most sense for your location, weight, equipment and application. Our expert logistics consultants will work with you to evaluate the most cost-effective and efficient wood pallets for your company – it’s worth the effort.

Whether you’re shipping your products around the world or just around town, BDL Supply can produce wood pallets that just make sense for your industry. Stock and custom wood products available to our customers include:

  • New wood pallets in Columbus: New pallets are available plain or with custom branding in various grades and sizes. BDL Supply’s Pallet Design System (PDS) gives us and our customers additional flexibility in easily creating an ideal pallet for your shipping and storage demands.
  • Recycled wood pallets in Columbus: Recycled pallets are good for the environment and easy on your wallet. Businesses looking for frugal ways to ship more environmentally responsibly can benefit from our stringently tested recycled wood pallets.
  • Custom wood pallets in Columbus: If you have particular concerns about the strength, stiffness, durability or functionality you need for your pallets, look no further than BDL Supply’s PDS. We can manufacture your custom wood pallets with new lumber, recycled wood or a combination of both depending on your preference.
  • Heat-treated wood pallets in Columbus: The IPSM-15 regulation specifies that internationally transported pallets undergo special heat treating to protect against the transfer of pests. With chamber kilns on site, BDL Supply can provide you IPSM-15 compliant pallets in roughly the same timeframe as a typical pallet order.

Contact BDL Supply’s Columbus-area logistics experts for an immediate quote on your next pallet order. 

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