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Custom Wood Crates for Export

Overseas Shipping Crates - Protect
your Shipment and Stay in Compliance

For more than 30 years, BDL Supply has been manufacturing custom wood crates in a wide range of sizes. Serving shippers in Ohio, Indiana and Kentucky, our custom crates protect products from damage while keeping your company in compliance with shipping regulations. We specialize in providing custom crates that meet requirements as described by our customers, whether goods are being shipped an hour away from your facility or halfway around the world.

Additional considerations for overseas shipping cratesCustom Crate for Overseas Shipping

Shipping goods across borders involves the additional consideration of adherence to international regulations.

As the world’s economy becomes more and more globalized and goods move more freely around the globe, there’s greater potential for spreading invasive aquatic and plant species to foreign nations’ ecosystems. Bark in wood packaging such as a crate tends to increase the presence of invasive species such as the microscopic Pinewood Nematode, which can infect and kill trees on other continents.

International shippers face increasingly stringent regulations to reduce the spread of these invasive species. International Standards for Phytosanitary Measures #15 (ISPM 15), created by the United Nations’ Food and Agriculture Organization’s International Plant Protection Convention (IPPC), mandates treatment of all wood packaging made of softwood or hardwood species, either by heat treatment or fumigation, and a special IPPC certification mark.

Fail to adhere to ISPM 15 and you may have to deal with burdensome and costly consequences. Every country deals with out-of-compliance containers differently. In some countries, your package and its contents might get fumigated and you’ll be charged a premium rate for a service you didn’t want. Some countries deny the shipment, which costs you not only money but also potentially a customer relationship. Other countries may re-export only the packaging and charge a premium rate to replace the out-of-compliance material. In rare cases, shipments have been incinerated or landfilled. Just imagine that happening to a customized item your company has built.

You cannot simply buy ISPM 15-certified raw lumber and assemble your own crates, as no such raw lumber exists. You must rely on an IPPC-certified wood packaging producer who applies the IPPC mark to the finished containers and certifies the entire wood packaging item.

Custom wood crates protect shipments and maintain regulatory compliance

All of our custom wood crates for overseas shipping are ISPM 15-certified to give international shippers peace of mind. We incorporate your unique requirements into every crate we build and customize a solution that ensures the protection and compliance of your shipment. We also offer crate accessories that give you additional benefits. Foam-in-place packaging gives your goods extra cushioning. Dividers keep goods separated when the situation calls for it. Vapor corrosion inhibitors protect metal goods from corrosion damage.

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