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Custom Automotive Packaging

Zero Defects and Continued Testing Ability

A BDL Supply customer, who specializes in automotive door trim, was having damage issues when shipping the completed door to the assembly plant.  Our design team was able to create a low cost protector that we could manufacture on our die cutter. This new design accomplished zero defects when transporting to the assembly plant from our client's facility and continued to protect the door---all while not inhibiting the functional testing all the way to the dealer network.

BDL Supply - cusotm packaging for easily-damaged materials such as automotive door trim.

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Crates & Boxes

We design and manufacture wooden crates, boxes and specialty wood products. Each crate or box we produce is designed with your product and your specific application in mind.

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We Service You

BDL Supply' products assist industries ranging from automotive and industrial to consumer goods and grocery.

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