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Automated Cohesive Packaging

We Protect 20-35 Packages Per Minute with Cohesive Technology

A long term Buckey Diamond Logstics customer was having issues protecting its products during shipments. Partnering with Surface Guard, we installed the machinery and raw material to allow various parts and equipment pieces to be run in a cohesive cold seal.

Cohesive packaging equipment can run a wide range of products of varying sizes. Automated cohesive packaging can achieve 20-35 packages per minute, which greatly increases output. View an informational video from Surface Guard here

BDL Supply uses cohesive cold sealing to protect products during shipments.

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Custom Solutions For You

Here at BDL Supply, we understand that sometimes you can't order from a pre-determined product catalog. We work with you to address any problems and create a custom fitted solution.

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Cut Stock Lumber

BDL Supply is a large producer of cut stock lumber and dunnage to provide customers with additional ways to enhance their packaging solutions.

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