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Wood Pallets in Cincinnati, OH

The Pallet Manufacturer in Cincinnati Who Can Meet Your Shipping Needs

Not all pallets are created equal -- and when it’s your products on the line, you shouldn’t rely on just any pallet.

Fortunately, BDL Supply is more than just a pallet manufacturer. Our capability to supply pallets at-volume and on-demand to businesses in Cincinnati, the tristate area and across the globe makes us a complete logistics provider for the area’s diverse industries. From new to recycled and custom pallets, you’re also getting more than just an outstanding quality product – you’re getting an ongoing commitment to meet your business’s transport and storage demands. 

Whether you’re using our wood pallets to ship across Cincinnati or across the world, you can feel confident that you’re using the right safe, efficient and cost-effective pallet for your needs. As a design-oriented manufacturer, we regularly choose specific materials, load capacities and other design tweaks to adapt to the specific applications and conditions of our customers. Wood pallet products available to our customers include:

  • New wood pallets in Cincinnati: With a variety of sizes and grades, new wood pallets can be customized with value-added branding or stenciling. BDL Supply’s design and engineering tool, Pallet Design System (PDS), ensures your business gets the ideal pallet for your shipping situation.
  • Recycled wood pallets in Cincinnati: Businesses can save money and the environment with our wide selection of recycled wood pallets. As opposed to just using old pallets without any quality assurance, all BDL Supply used pallets are processed to ensure they still meet our strict quality standards.
  • Custom wood pallets in Cincinnati: The state-of-the-art Pallet Design System software allows us to design unique pallets with the strength, stiffness, durability and functionality your product requires. Using a combination of new or used lumber for custom wood pallets can keep costs low, even for a customized solution
  • Heat-treated wood pallets in Cincinnati: Customers who ship internationally require heat-treated wood pallets to meet pest-related regulations. With two chamber kilns at BDL Supply’s disposal, we can process your ISPM-15 compliant pallet order without any significant delays.

Avoid costly product loss or damage during transport and storage. Contact the logistics experts at BDL Supply today for a quote to meet your shipping and packaging needs in Cincinnati, the tristate area or across the globe.

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